How to Buy Fastag for Free

How to Buy Fastag for Free and Fastag Cashless Payment method can use at tool booth. Learn about How to Buy Fastag for Free here.

How to Buy Fastag Online

FASTag is a way from which we can pay the toll tax. It is very simple to use and the toll charges will deducted automatically while vehicle is passing through the toll plaza. It is linked to prepaid account from which the applicable toll amount will deducted.

The tag employs the radio-frequency identification (RFID) and after the tag is active,  it is fixed on windscreen of the vehicles. It is a cashless. In the future more toll plazas brought under the FASTag programs.

FasTag Benefits

  • Save Fuel and Time
  • SMS Alerts for Transaction
  • Online Recharge
  • No Need to Carry Cash
  • Web Portal for Customers

Here some benefits of FASTag cashless payment:-

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When the vehicle approaches the toll plaza, the tag reader reads the tag and the toll charges automatically deducted from the bank account. The vehicle with the FASTag doesn’t need to stop at the toll plaza. It saves the time and fuel also.


The customers will receive the SMS alerts on their registered mobile number for all the done transactions on their tag account.


The customers may recharge their tag account online through Credit Card/Debit Card/NEFT/RTGS or Net banking. These all ways are for the deduction of toll charges which is done directly through the bank account of the customers. 


The customer doesn’t need to carry cash and not to be worry for the cash payments of the toll plaza.


By logging on the FASTag customer portal the customers can access their all the statements.

How to Buy Fastag

FASTag is an effective step which is started by NPCI (National Payments Corporation Of India) in pursuance of National Highways Authority of India and Indian Highways Management Co. Ltd for permit the toll payments or charges.

The FASTag tags are prepaid rechargeable tags for toll collection which enables the automatic payment deduction.

These tags are usually affixed on the windscreen of the toll chargeable vehicles.An activated FASTag works on Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology.

How to Buy Fastag Online

With the medium of FASTag ,the customers will not have to stop their vehicles to pay the toll charges at the toll plazas.

The toll charges will deducted automatically from the bank accounts/prepaid wallet linked to the FASTag fixed on the windscreen of the vehicles while they crossing the toll plazas.

Fastag is prepaid rechargeable tags for toll connection which allows automatic payment deduction to vehicle owners from FASTAGS.

They are generally attached on the windscreen of the vehicle. Before this it is the mandatory thing that we have to stop our vehicles on the toll plazas to pay toll taxes but after coming the fastag it is a good thing for vehicle owners, no need to stop the vehicles.

With the help of fastag people can easily pay their toll bills. As soon as the vehicle comes at the toll point, the toll fee automatically deducted from the bank wallet which is linked with fastag attached on the vehicle windscreen.

Mr. Nitin Gadkari the Road Transport and Highways Minister announced that FASTAGS will compulsory form 15 Dec.2019 for every vehicle private and commercial all over the country.

According to economic time’s report, Vehicle holder who doesn’t have fastag on their vehicles, they will pay double for toll fee according to normal rates at a toll gates across the country. 

This statement is currently issued by 22 certified banks through many channels like point-of-sale (POS) at national highway toll plazas and bank branches.

The fastag which is activated in vehicles works on the radio frequency identification (RFID) and these fastags don’t have any expiry date.

What is Fastag? Fastag Kya Hai

People can use them as long as they are readable by the toll classes and not tempered. We mention some trikes for activate fastags, these are as follows: 

Fastag are issued by 22 certified banks through many channels like point-of-sale (POS) at national highway toll plazas and bank branches.

This technique is also available on e-commerce websites such as Amazon etc.

1. Self Activation:- There is no bank pre assigned to the fastags at the time of fastag purchase.

Fastags are BANK NEUTRAL on the online or terminal platforms this online fastag is fully based on the concept of DIY (Do-It-Yourself) where people can self activate fastag by entering vehicle details in the MY FASTAG mobile app.

Everyone can download and use this app who is Android phone users and iphone users.

Android phone users can download this app from the Google Play Store and iPhone users can download this app from the Apple store.

In the fastag mobile app, we have the flexibility to link the fastag with anyone of your existing bank accounts.

In my fastag mobile app, the NHAI (National Highways Authority of India) Prepaid wallet facility is also available where we can load money and get our toll fee deducted from the prepaid wallet instead of getting this amount directly from our bank account.

2. Activate by visiting certified bank branch:- 

We can also buy a fastag by nearest certified bank branch and also get the FASTag linked with your existing bank account.

Here is some detailed list of certified bank:-

  • Axis Bank FasTag,
  • ICICI bank FasTag,
  • HDFC Bank FasTag,
  • State Bank of India FasTag,
  • IDFC Bank FasTag,
  • KarurVysya Bank FasTag,
  • EQUITAS Small Finance Bank FasTag,
  • PayTM Payments Bank Ltd FasTag,
  • Kotak Mahindra Bank FasTag,
  • Syndicate Bank FasTag,
  • Federal Bank FasTag,
  • South Indian Bank FasTag,
  • Punjab National Bank FasTag,
  • Punjab& Maharashtra Co-op Bank FasTag,
  • Saraswat Bank FasTag,
  • Fino Payments Bank FasTag,
  • City Union Bank FasTag,
  • Bank of Baroda FasTag,
  • IndusInd Bank FasTag,
  • Yes Bank FasTag,
  • Union Bank FasTag,
  • Nagpur Nagarik Sahakari Bank Ltd FasTag

If we want to use fastag then at the time of activation we have to submit KYC (know your customer) documentation as per the kyc rules and policies of the bank after that the next documentation is to be needed submit the registration certificate (RC) of the vehicle along with the application for fastag by the bank.

As we know that fastag is issued by the certified bank, can charge maximum of Rs 100 for each tag, which is fixed by National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI). 

However, bank defined the actual tag issuing charges and it may vary from bank to bank. 

Different bank charges different amounts for the fastag activation. It can be totally different from one to other bank and it can be the same that is depending on the market shares and policies of the bank.

One colour code is given according to the vehicles category for fastag and a minimum is collected. Amount of 100 rs. is taken as charge for cards,200rs.

Is taken as refundable deposit and the rest amount is retained as balance in card. 

The Union Ministry has exempted this ₹100 fee till November 30.Mr. Nitin gadkari who is the Union minister had said that fastags are likely to reduce the Nations GDP lose by bringing down laws of the fuel 10 people waiting at the toll plaza. 

Around 412 of the 532 national highways have been upgraded with this technology to read the tags and allowed vehicles to zip through. This tag also has lifetime validity for the specific vehicles.

There are some vehicles such as two wheeler vehicles, auto-rickshaws and many other small vehicles they do not have to give toll fee at toll plaza presently and also they don’t require FasTag to pay toll tax. 

If we want to take fastag activation online then we have to require some documents which are as follows:

  • Copy of registration certificate of vehicle,
  • passport size photographs of vehicle owner,
  • ID proof and
  • address proof.

The helpline number 1300 for enquiries, any further information which is provided by the fastag.

According to surveys, till now 40% toll fee is collected through the fastags. RBI also has a proposal for fastag to collect the parking fee and transaction at fuel station. 

Now we are discussing about the recharge of fasTags: if our past tense is linked with the bank account then there is no need to load money separately in a prepaid wallet.

We need to ensure that our balance should be sufficient in the linked bank account for the toll pay.

If your bank account is linked with the fastag prepaid wallet then we need to recharge through various channels such as payment through chard

  • Debit cards
  • Credit cards,
  • UPI cards,
  • NEFT/ Net banking

and also additional charges will be applicable to recharge fastags account through various channels.

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If we want to login fasTags account then we need to wallet ID (Wallet ID is 14 digit numeric number which is mentioned in the Welcome Mailer & starts with 17xxxxxxxxxxx and 18xxxxxxxxxxx),

RFID number (RFID is 16 digit numeric number which is mentioned on the FASTag & starts with 6xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) and Vehicle ID (vehicle number, Ex -MH00AA1111).