Fast Tag Sticker

FASTag is sticker and its used in toll deductions. Toll taxes deduct by FASTag sticker. FASTag sticker is provide by Banks and toll plaza. FASTag sticker is tag on your vehicles wind screen.

How to Get Fastag

When you are traveling on national highway then toll plaza scan your FASTag sticker from windscreen and deduct your toll tax. FASTag sticker helpful in tax paying and reduce vehicles traffic.

FASTag sticker is useful for save the time, save fuel, diesel, avoid cash carrying worries, Give alert SMS and automatically tax deduction device.

FASTag sticker give from banks when you apply for registration of FASTag. Many banks provide this facility with cash back offers and discount and vouchers. Banks provide customer care numbers and helpline numbers. Its toll free numbers.

You contact on those numbers for any type of queries about FASTag system as like how to use this, how to apply for this, How its works, How purchase this, How to check your balance etc.

FASTag sticker is compulsory for all toll taxable vehicles. This is great facility for toll deduction and hassle free trip on national highway. FASTag rule is started in all India on 1st December 2019.

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