Fastag Tag Color Code, Dec 2019

According to FASTag arrange categories for tax deduction. In the color and code categories give colors and code with toll charges and type of vehicles. Below give a table with following detail:

Fastag Tag Color Code

Fastag Tag Color Code

Type of vehiclesColour codeToll Charges
Car/jeep/vanVioletRs. 500
TATA ace/mini LCVViolet Rs. 500
LCV 2 axleOrange Rs. 600
Bus/Truck/ 3 axleYellow Rs. 700
Bus/truck 2 axleGreen Rs. 600
Truck 4 axle and abovePink Rs. 800
Over sizedLight Blue Rs. 900
Earth MoversGrey Rs. 800

In this table show you vehicles size. An amount of rs. 100 is taking as charges for cards. Rs 200 is taken as security deposit amount. While the remaining amount is returned as balance in card. The Union Ministry has exempted this rs. 100 fees till November 30.

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