Fastags Means Fastag Kya Hai


FASTag is facility in pay your toll tax. It is cashless. Very easy uses of FASTag and reloading tax, which enable automatic tax deductions. Automatic tax deduction means FASTag is sticker for pay toll charges. You can pay easily your toll charge without stopping your  truck, loading vehicles. Less you pass through the toll plaza without stopping for the cash transaction.

How to Get Fastag

 FASTag linked to a prepaid prepaid account from which the applicable toll amount is deduction. Pay your toll charges in advance by PayTM, debit card and credit card. The tag employs Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology and is affixed on the vehicles wind screen after the tag account is active.  

FASTag is best solution for a hassle free tour on national highway trips. FASTag is presently operational at 180 toll plazas on national highways and state highways. More toll plaza will be brought under the FASTag program in the future. FASTag give best facility for paid toll taxes. FASTag is a sticker and its provided by banks.

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  1. Saved fuel and time

Its easy process because FASTag directly catch your account number and vehicle number and identification. FASTag deduct automatically toll charges. And save time with fuel. Its quick way for pay toll taxes.

  • SMS alert for transaction

Customer will receive massages for alert on his registered mobile number for all the transaction and done in his tag account. By massages you receive all information about your toll charges as like when your toll charges are deducted and how many charges etc.

  • Online recharge

Customer may recharge his tag account only through debit card and credit card and PayTM and net banking. Its all way of deduction the toll charges and you use these source  in deduction toll charges. Its advance or prepaid method.

  • cash No need to carry

Customer have don’t need to carry cash for pay toll charges. And no need to worry about cash because its all cashless system.

  • Web portal for customers

Customers are access their all statement by logging on the FASTag customer portal.

  • Less Corruption

Object of this system is reduce corruption and save time and fuel. Less the black marketing.

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