How Fastag Works at Toll Plaza

Hello friends , now I tell you about How FASTag Works at Toll Plaza? Where it works?

FASTag is works on national highway. FASTage is sticker. By the toll plaza capture and scan your sticker with color and code for tax deduction.

How to Get Fastag

On the 1st December 2019 every national highway started this system it is electronic system for tax deduction. On the toll plaza of national highway Its work by Radio Frequency Identification Technology.

FASTag sticker is stick on your vehicles windscreen. when you come to near toll plaza its alert you by SMS ans call and mails. And you pay your toll tax by net banking and debit or credit cards etc. Its a cashless transaction and if you pay online then you get some rewarding points and cashback offers.

On the toll plaza FASTag is scan by toll plaza and alert you for tax deduction. It is simple way for tax deduction without stopping your vehicle on toll plaza.

Its give you many benefits as like save your money, time, fuel, diesel and dont wait for toll taxes paying in lines on toll plaza. Money saver because its give you cashback and vouchers and discount offers.

Easy to use this on toll plaza. FASTag scan your tag by RFID. and alert you for toll deduction and you may pay online. Its prepaid and advance system for tax deduction.

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