Is Fastag Mandatory from December

Fastag is an another way of saving time and reduce traffic on toll booth.

Is Fastag Mandatory from December

Hundred of four wheeler vehicle drivers wait to pay roll charge their turn comes after long time waiting.

During this traffic all vehicle stay there and produce pollution. Fastag is solution of traffic jam and pollution.

This is the reason of implementation the Fastag on national high way toll plaza.

Yes, Fastag is mandatory from December 1st, 2019. No one vehicle will allow to pay cash.

Fastag is a management of making travel life easy. This service help to drive nonstop on highway.

On 1st December 2019 is the day of implementation of Fastag. All Fastag card holders will able to pay without stop on toll plaza.

Fastag sticker less driver can buy Fastag following some guidelines. You may also read bank list of fastag issuer and you may provide some Fastag Documents Required to apply online.

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