NHAI Fastag Point of Sale

Aout NHAI Fastag Point of Sale

National Highway Authority of India is full form of NHAI. FASTag is sticker and source for toll deduction without stopping your vehicle on toll plaza. FASTag is working device with Radio Frequency Identification Technology.

How to buy fastag online

NHAI FASTag piont of sale- You can purchase your FASTag from NHAI FASTag point. It is providing FASTag as like banks and toll plaza and FASTag agencies.

Point of Sale

FASTag piont of sale is approved by Road Transport and Highway Minister Mr. Nitin Gadkari. Some toll plaza is providing this with normal process of G+FASTag. Customer required documents and proof is compulsory and complete all formalities then he get the FASTag from NHAI.

NHAI FASTag is purchase and buy from sale points. Sale points fixed on National Highways of India. For get benefits and using FASTag. FASTag sticker is stick on yours vehicles windscreen for easily scan this tag and deduct toll charges.


  • FASTag is helpful in tax deduction and pay toll charges. Its give cashback offers and discount and vouchers.
  • FASTag help in save fuel and time. Because customer are no need stopping their vehicles on toll plaza and go to hassle free trips.
  • Every time alert on national highway when you are travel. Its alert from SMS and Mails. And send your transactions details .

FASTag is useful for tax deductions and paying for toll charges. FASTag is start in all over India on 1st December 2019. And you buy your NHAI FASTag from toll plaza and agencies.

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