Yes Bank Fastag

Yes Bank provide you FASTag. Object of giving this sticker is ave your time, save your fuel, Hassle free travel, reduce corruptions, alert by SMS etc.

How to Get Fastag

Yes Bank FASTag is sticker and device with Radio frequency Identification Technology. And its easy way for toll taxes deductions. FASTag linked with your bank account and you pay our toll charge on toll plaza without stopping your vehicles.

When you pay your toll tax and tax charges and tax deduction time FASTag alert you by SMS and mails. FASTag is better solution of toll tax deduction.

Yes Bank provide you a great benefit. If you want FASTag sticker taken from Yes Bank. You may apply and get this. Register your account number and phone numbers with FASTag. Its a cashless system. Finish your cash carrying problems.

FASTag recharges by prepaid. If You are used Yes Bank FASTag then you pay your toll taxes by this and receive your retained amount. Yes Bank provide you benefit with FASTag sticker.

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